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In Scientific reports ; h5-index 158.0

A rapid method for screening pathogens can revolutionize health care by enabling infection control through medication before symptom. Here we report on label-free single-cell identifications of clinically-important pathogenic bacteria by using a polymer-integrated low thickness-to-diameter aspect ratio pore and machine learning-driven resistive pulse analyses. A high-spatiotemporal resolution of this electrical sensor enabled to observe galvanotactic response intrinsic to the microbes during their translocation. We demonstrated discrimination of the cellular motility via signal pattern classifications in a high-dimensional feature space. As the detection-to-decision can be completed within milliseconds, the present technique may be used for real-time screening of pathogenic bacteria for environmental and medical applications.

Hattori Shota, Sekido Rintaro, Leong Iat Wai, Tsutsui Makusu, Arima Akihide, Tanaka Masayoshi, Yokota Kazumichi, Washio Takashi, Kawai Tomoji, Okochi Mina