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In Pharmacology & therapeutics ; h5-index 80.0

Natural products have been the main sources of new drugs. The different strategies have been developed to find the new drugs based on natural products. The traditional and ethic medicines have provided information on the therapeutic effects and resulted in some notable drug discovery of natural products. The special activities of the medicine plants such as the side effects have inspired scientists to develop the novel small molecular. The microorganisms and the endogenous active substances from human or animal also become the important approaches to the drug discovery. The tremendous progress in technology led to the new strategies in drug discovery from natural products. The bioinformation and artificial intelligence have facilitated the research and development of natural products. We will provide a scene of strategies and technologies for drug discovery from natural products in this review.

Zhang Li, Song Junke, Kong Linglei, Yuan Tianyi, Li Wan, Zhang Wen, Hou Biyu, Lu Yang, Du Guanhua


Drug discovery, Natural product, Strategy, Technique