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In Zhongguo gu shang = China journal of orthopaedics and traumatology

As an important tool for assessing musculoskeletal conditions, imaging plays an important role in assessing the risk of disease, judging disease and the progress of disease, and prognosis scores. Accompanied with the rapid development of artificial intelligence(AI) in the field of image detection and interpretation, some AI-assisted recognition studies involving musculoskeletal X-ray imaging have been examined and shown a high potential value, which can enhance various parts of the X-ray imaging value chain and guide clinicians by improving imaging efficiency, imaging quality, and diagnostic accuracy. At present, the development of AI-assisted imaging recognition technology is still at an early stage. AI algorithms need to be further improved and developed. Image data is still insufficient and the qualityis relatively heterogeneous. The long-term accuracy and stability of technical performance require further observation and research.

Xue Dong, Xu Hai-Lin, Wang Wei


Artificial intelligence, Image processing, computer assisted, Review, X-rays