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In Progress in brain research

The chapter is a review enclosed in the volume "Glaucoma: A pancitopatia of the retina and beyond." No cure exists for glaucoma. Knowledge on the molecular and cellular alterations underlying glaucoma neurodegeneration (GL-ND) includes innovative and path-breaking research on neuroinflammation and neuroprotection. A series of events involving immune response (IR), oxidative stress and gene expression are occurring during the glaucoma course. Uveitic glaucoma (UG) is a prevalent acute/chronic complication, in the setting of chronic anterior chamber inflammation. Managing the disease requires a team approach to guarantee better results for eyes and vision. Advances in biomedicine/biotechnology are driving a tremendous revolution in ophthalmology and ophthalmic research. New diagnostic and imaging modalities, constantly refined, enable outstanding criteria for delimiting glaucomatous neurodegeneration. Moreover, biotherapies that may modulate or inhibit the IR must be considered among the first-line for glaucoma neuroprotection. This review offers the readers useful and practical information on the latest updates in this regard.

Pinazo-Durán Maria D, Muñoz-Negrete Francisco J, Sanz-González Silvia M, Benítez-Del-Castillo Javier, Giménez-Gómez Rafael, Valero-Velló Mar, Zanón-Moreno Vicente, García-Medina José J


Artificial intelligence, Glaucoma, Imaging, Neurodegeneration, Neuroinflammation, Neuroprotection, Uveitic glaucoma