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In Canadian Association of Radiologists journal = Journal l'Association canadienne des radiologistes

There have been many recently published studies exploring machine learning (ML) and deep learning applications within neuroradiology. The improvement in performance of these techniques has resulted in an ever-increasing number of commercially available tools for the neuroradiologist. In this narrative review, recent publications exploring ML in neuroradiology are assessed with a focus on several key clinical domains. In particular, major advances are reviewed in the context of: (1) intracranial hemorrhage detection, (2) stroke imaging, (3) intracranial aneurysm screening, (4) multiple sclerosis imaging, (5) neuro-oncology, (6) head and tumor imaging, and (7) spine imaging.

Kaka Hussam, Zhang Euan, Khan Nazir


artificial, deep, intelligence, learning, neuroradiology