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In Current cardiology reports

PURPOSE OF THE REVIEW : Point-of-care ultrasound using small ultrasound devices has expanded beyond emergency and critical care medicine to many other subspecialties. Awareness of the strengths and limitations of the technology and knowledge of the appropriate settings and common indications for point-of-care ultrasound is important.

RECENT FINDINGS : Point-of-care ultrasound is widely embraced as an extension of the physical exam and is employed in acute care and medical education settings. Echocardiography laboratories involved in education must individualize training to the intended scope of practice of the user. Advances in artificial intelligence may assist in image acquisition and interpretation by novice users. Point-of-care ultrasound is widely available in a variety of clinical settings. The field has advanced substantially in the past 2 decades and will likely continue to expand with advancement in technology, reduced cost, and improved opportunities to assist new users.

Lee Linda, DeCara Jeanne M


Cardiac, Echocardiography, Education, POCUS, Training, Ultrasound