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In International journal of neural systems

Several variants of spiking neural P systems (SNPS) have been presented in the literature to perform arithmetic operations. However, each of these variants was designed only for one specific arithmetic operation. In this paper, a complete arithmetic calculator implemented by SNPS is proposed. An application of the proposed calculator to information fusion is also proposed. The information fusion is implemented by integrating the following three elements: (1) an addition and subtraction SNPS already reported in the literature; (2) a modified multiplication and division SNPS; (3) a novel storage SNPS, i.e. a method based on SNPS is introduced to calculate basic probability assignment of an event. This is the first attempt to apply arithmetic operation SNPS to fuse multiple information. The effectiveness of the presented general arithmetic SNPS calculator is verified by means of several examples.

Zhang Gexiang, Rong Haina, Paul Prithwineel, He Yangyang, Neri Ferrante, Pérez-Jiménez Mario J


Membrane computing, arithmetic calculator, information fusion, spiking neural P system