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In Expert review of medical devices

INTRODUCTION : Epilepsy affects more than 1% of the US population, and over 30% of adults with epilepsy do not respond to antiseizure medications without life-impacting medication-related side effects. Resection of the seizure focus is not an option for many patients because it would cause unacceptable neurological or cognitive harm. For these patients, neuromodulation has emerged as a nondestructive, effective, and safe alternative. The NeuroPace® RNS® System, the only brain-responsive neurostimulation device, records neural activity from leads placed at one or two seizure foci. When the neurostimulator detects epileptiform activity, as defined for each patient by his or her physician, brief pulses of electrical stimulation are delivered to normalize the activity.

AREAS COVERED : This review describes the RNS System, the results of multi-year clinical trials, and the research discoveries enabled by the chronic ambulatory brain data collected by the RNS System.

EXPERT COMMENTARY : Brain-responsive neurostimulation could potentially be used to treat any episodic neurological disorder that's accompanied by a neurophysiological biomarker of severity. Combining advanced machine learning approaches with the chronic ambulatory brain data collected by the RNS System could eventually enable automatic fine-tuning of detection and stimulation for each patient, creating a general-purpose neurotechnological platform for precision medicine.

Jarosiewicz Beata, Morrell Martha


Epilepsy, RNS System, brain stimulation, closed-loop, neuromodulation, neurostimulation, neurotechnology, patients, seizures