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In International journal of population data science

Objective : To profile the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP), a population health data centre located at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada.

Approach : We describe how MCHP was established and funded, and how it continues to operate based on a foundation of trust and respect between researchers at the University of Manitoba and stakeholders in the Manitoba Government's Department of Health. MCHP's research priorities are jointly determined by its scientists' own research interests and by questions put forward from Manitoba government ministries. Data governance, data privacy, data linkage processes and data access are discussed in detail. We also provide three illustrative examples of the MCHP Data Repository in action, demonstrating how studies using a variety of Repository datasets have had an impact on health and social policies and programs in Manitoba.

Discussion : MCHP has experienced tremendous growth over the last three decades. We discuss emerging research directions as the capacity for innovation at MCHP continues to expand, including a focus on natural language processing and other applications of artificial intelligence techniques, a leadership role in the new SPOR Canadian Data Platform, and a foray into social policy evaluation and analysis. With these and other exciting opportunities on the horizon, the future at MCHP looks exceptionally bright.

Katz A, Enns J, Smith M, Burchill C, Turner K, Towns D