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In Academic radiology

Bloom's Taxonomy, an integral component of learning theory since its inception, describes cognitive skill levels in increasing complexity (Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate, and Create). Considering Bloom's Taxonomy when writing learning objectives and lecture material, teaching residents at the workstation and creating multiple choice questions can increase an educator's effectiveness. The incorporation of higher Bloom levels aids in cultivating critical thinking skills vital to image interpretation and patient care, and becomes increasingly important as the radiologist's role evolves with the continued development of artificial intelligence. Following established tenets of multiple choice question writing, involving trainees in the question writing process, and incorporating audience response systems into lectures are all strategies in which higher Bloom level skills can be accomplished.

Smith Elana B, Gellatly Matthew, Schwartz Cody J, Jordan Sheryl


“Blooms taxonomy”, educational assessment, graduate medical education, radiology education, teaching methods