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In Biomedical optics express

Quick and accurate diagnosis helps shorten intraoperative waiting time and make a correct plan for the brain tumor resection. The common cryostat section method costs more than 10 minutes and the diagnostic accuracy depends on the sliced and frozen process and the experience of the pathologist. We propose the use of molecular fragment spectra (MFS) in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to identify different brain tumors. Formation mechanisms of MFS detected from brain tumors could be generalized into 3 categories, for instance, combination, reorganization and break. Four kinds of brain tumors (glioma, meningioma, hemangiopericytoma, and craniopharyngioma) from different patients were used as investigated samples. The spiking neural network (SNN) classifier was proposed to combine with the MFS (MFS-SNN) for the identification of brain tumors. SNN performed better than conventional machine learning methods for the analysis of similar and limited MFS information. With the ratio data type, the identification accuracy achieved 88.62% in 2 seconds.

Teng Geer, Wang Qianqian, Yang Haifeng, Qi Xueling, Zhang Hongwei, Cui Xutai, Idrees Bushra Sana, Xiangli Wenting, Wei Kai, Khan M Nouman