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In Alzheimer's & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer's Association

INTRODUCTION : Relationships between brain atrophy patterns of typical aging and Alzheimer's disease (AD), white matter disease, cognition, and AD neuropathology were investigated via machine learning in a large harmonized magnetic resonance imaging database (11 studies; 10,216 subjects).

METHODS : Three brain signatures were calculated: Brain-age, AD-like neurodegeneration, and white matter hyperintensities (WMHs). Brain Charts measured and displayed the relationships of these signatures to cognition and molecular biomarkers of AD.

RESULTS : WMHs were associated with advanced brain aging, AD-like atrophy, poorer cognition, and AD neuropathology in mild cognitive impairment (MCI)/AD and cognitively normal (CN) subjects. High WMH volume was associated with brain aging and cognitive decline occurring in an ≈10-year period in CN subjects. WMHs were associated with doubling the likelihood of amyloid beta (Aβ) positivity after age 65. Brain aging, AD-like atrophy, and WMHs were better predictors of cognition than chronological age in MCI/AD.

DISCUSSION : A Brain Chart quantifying brain-aging trajectories was established, enabling the systematic evaluation of individuals' brain-aging patterns relative to this large consortium.

Habes Mohamad, Pomponio Raymond, Shou Haochang, Doshi Jimit, Mamourian Elizabeth, Erus Guray, Nasrallah Ilya, Launer Lenore J, Rashid Tanweer, Bilgel Murat, Fan Yong, Toledo Jon B, Yaffe Kristine, Sotiras Aristeidis, Srinivasan Dhivya, Espeland Mark, Masters Colin, Maruff Paul, Fripp Jurgen, Völzk Henry, Johnson Sterling C, Morris John C, Albert Marilyn S, Miller Michael I, Bryan R Nick, Grabe Hans J, Resnick Susan M, Wolk David A, Davatzikos Christos


“Alzheimers disease pathology”, Dementia, MRI, Machine Learning, Neuroimaging, PET, beta-amyloid, brain aging, brain signatures, cognitive testing, harmonized neuroimaging cohorts, “preclinical Alzheimers disease”, small vessel ischemic disease, tau