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In Heliyon

Multi-omics analyses, combining transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics, and so on, have led to important insights in many areas of biology and medicine. To support these analyses, software that can handle the difficulties associated with multi-omics datasets is crucial. Here, we describe Panomicon, a web-based, interactive analysis environment for multi-omics data. Building on Toxygates, a tool previously created to study single-omics data that features interactive clustering, heatmaps, and user data uploads, Panomicon introduces improvements for the storage and handling of additional omics types, as well as tools for the generation and visualization of interaction networks between different types of omics data. Panomicon is a new type of environment for the collaborative study of multi-omics data, both for users uploading data to our server and for groups wishing to host their own deployment of Panomicon. We demonstrate Panomicon's capabilities by revisiting a microRNA-mRNA interaction networks study in a non-small cell lung cancer dataset.

Allendes Osorio Rodolfo S, Nyström-Persson Johan T, Nojima Yosui, Kosugi Yuji, Mizuguchi Kenji, Natsume-Kitatani Yayoi


Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Gene interactions, Gene networks, Genetics, Interactive analysis, Lung cancer, Multi-omics, Visualization, microRNA