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In Archivos de cardiologia de Mexico

Science and technology are modifying medicine at a dizzying pace. Although access in our country to the benefits of innovations in the area of devices, data storage and artificial intelligence are still very restricted, the advance of digital medicine offers the opportunity to solve some of the biggest problems faced by medical practice and public health in Mexico. The potential areas where digital medicine can be disruptive are accessibility to quality medical care, centralization of specialties in large cities, dehumanization of medical treatment, lack of resources to access evidence-supported treatments, and among others. This review presents some of the advances that are guiding the new revolution in medicine, discusses the potential barriers to implementation, and suggest crucial elements for the path of incorporation of digital medicine in Mexico.

Araiza-Garaygordobil Diego, Jordán-Ríos Antonio, Sierra-Fernández Carlos, Juárez-Orozco Luis E


Cardiology, Cardiología, Digital health, Digital medicine, Medicina digital, Mexico, México, Salud digital