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In Radiology ; h5-index 91.0

Screening for breast cancer reduces breast cancer-related mortality and earlier detection facilitates less aggressive treatment. Unfortunately, current screening modalities are imperfect, suffering from limited sensitivity and high false-positive rates. Novel techniques in the field of breast imaging may soon play a role in breast cancer screening: digital breast tomosynthesis, contrast material-enhanced spectral mammography, US (automated three-dimensional breast US, transmission tomography, elastography, optoacoustic imaging), MRI (abbreviated and ultrafast, diffusion-weighted imaging), and molecular breast imaging. Artificial intelligence and radiomics have the potential to further improve screening strategies. Furthermore, nonimaging-based screening tests such as liquid biopsy and breathing tests may transform the screening landscape. © RSNA, 2020 Online supplemental material is available for this article.

Mann Ritse M, Hooley Regina, Barr Richard G, Moy Linda