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In IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence ; h5-index 127.0

In many machine learning applications, we are faced with incomplete datasets. In the literature, missing data imputation techniques have been mostly concerned with filling missing values. However, the existence of missing values is synonymous with uncertainties not only over the distribution of missing values but also over target class assignments that require careful consideration. In this paper, we propose a simple and effective method for imputing missing features and estimating the distribution of target assignments given incomplete data. In order to make imputations, we train a simple and effective generator network to generate imputations that a discriminator network is tasked to distinguish. Following this, a predictor network is trained using the imputed samples from the generator network to capture the classification uncertainties and make predictions accordingly. The proposed method is evaluated on CIFAR-10 and MNIST image datasets as well as five real-world tabular classification datasets, under different missingness rates and structures. Our experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed method in generating imputations as well as providing estimates for the class uncertainties in a classification task when faced with missing values.

Kachuee Mohammad, Karkkainen Kimmo, Goldstein Orpaz, Darabi Sajad, Sarrafzadeh Majid