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In Expert review of medical devices

INTRODUCTION : Retinal imaging is a key investigation in ophthalmology. New devices continue to be created to keep up with the demand for better imaging modalities in this field. This review looks to highlight current trends and the future of retinal imaging.

AREAS COVERED : This review looks at the advances in topographical imaging, photoacoustic microscopy, optical coherence tomography and molecular imaging. There is future scoping.

EXPERT OPINION : Retinal imaging continues to develop at a rapid pace to improve diagnosis and management of patients. We will see the development of big data to gain powerful insights and new technologies such as teleophthalmology mature in the future.

Soomro Taha, Shah Neil, Niestrata-Ortiz Magdalena, Yap Timothy, Normando Eduardo M, Cordeiro M Francesca


Artificial intelligence, Automation, Molecular imaging, Ophthalmology, Optical coherence tomography, Retinal diseases, Retinal imaging, Teleophthalmology, Topographical imaging