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In Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery]

Objective: To evaluate the clinical characteristics and prognosis of gallbladder cancer (GBC) patients in China. Methods: This retrospective multicenter cohort study enrolled 3 528 consecutive GBC patients diagnosed between January 2010 to December 2017 in 15 hospitals from 10 provinces. There were 1 345 (38.12%) males and 2 183 (61.88%) females.The age of diagnosis was (63.7±10.8) years old (range: 26 to 99 years old) .There were 213 patients (6.04%) in stage 0 to Ⅰ, whereas 1 059 (30.02%) in stage Ⅱ to Ⅲ, 1 874 (53.12%) in stage Ⅳ, and 382 (10.83%) unavailable. Surgery was performed on 2 255 patients (63.92%) . Three hundred and thirty-six patients received chemotherapy or radiotherapy (9.52%; of which 172 were palliative); 1 101 (31.21%) received only supportive treatment.The patient source, treatment and surgery, pathology, concomitant gallstone, and prognosis were analyzed. Results: Among the 3 528 GBC patients, 959 (27.18%) were from East China, 603 (17.09%) from East-North China, 1 533 (43.45%) from Central China, and 433(12.27%) from West China. Among the 1 578 resectable tumor, 665 (42.14%) underwent radical surgery, 913 (57.86%) underwent surgery that failed to follow the guidelines.Eight hundred and ninety-one (56.46%) patients were diagnosed before surgery, 254 (16.10%) during surgery, and 381 (24.14%) after surgery (time point of diagnosis couldn't be determined in 52 patients) .Among the 1 578 patients with resectable tumor, 759 (48.10%) had concomitant gallstone.Among the 665 patients underwent radical surgery, 69 (10.4%) showed positive resection margin, 510 (76.7%) showed negative resection margin, and 86 (12.9%) unreported margin status.The 5-year overall survival rate (5yOS) for the 3 528-patient cohort was 23.0%.The 5yOS for patients with resectable tumor was 39.6%, for patients with stage ⅣB tumor without surgery was 5.4%, and for patients with stage ⅣB tumor underwent palliative surgery was 4.7%. Conclusions: More than half GBC patients in China are diagnosed in stage Ⅳ.Curative intent surgery is valuable in improving prognosis of resectable GBC.The treatment of GBC needs further standardization.Effective comprehensive treatment for GBC is in urgent need.

Ren T, Li Y S, Geng Y J, Li M L, Wu X S, Wu W W, Wang X A, Shu Y J, Bao R F, Dong P, Gong W, Gu J, Wang X F, Lu J H, Mu J S, Pan W H, Zhang X, Zhang X L, Fei Z W, Zhang Z Y, Wang Y, Cao H, Sun B, Cui Y F, Zhu C F, Li B, Zheng L H, Qian Y B, Liu J, Dang X Y, Liu C, Peng S Y, Quan Z W, Liu Y B


Disease attributes, Gallbladder neoplasms, Prognosis, Surgery