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In Investigative ophthalmology & visual science ; h5-index 67.0

Purpose : MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are noncoding RNAs and have attracted attention as a biomarker in a variety of diseases. However, extensive unbiased miRNAs analysis in patients with uveitis has not been completely explored. In the present study, we comprehensively analyzed the deregulated miRNAs in three major forms of uveitis (Behҫet's disease [BD], sarcoidosis and Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease [VKH]) to search for potential biomarkers.

Methods : This study included 10 patients with BD, 17 patients with sarcoidosis, and 13 patients with VKH. Eleven healthy subjects were used as controls. The miRNAs expression levels were studied by microarray using serum samples from patients with uveitis and healthy controls.

Results : A total of 281 upregulated miRNAs and 137 downregulated miRNAs were detected in patients with BD, 35 upregulated miRNAs and 86 downregulated miRNAs in patients with sarcoidosis, and 153 upregulated miRNAs and 35 downregulated miRNAs in patients with VKH. Some deregulated miRNAs were involved in the mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway and inflammatory cytokine pathways. Furthermore, we identified miR-4708-3p, miR-4323, and let-7g-3p as the best predictor miRNAs for BD, sarcoidosis, and VKH, respectively. Panels of miRNAs with diagnostic potential for the three diseases were generated using machine learning.

Conclusions : In this study, comprehensive miRNA analysis identified deregulated miRNAs in three major forms of noninfectious uveitis. This study provides new insights into molecular pathogenetic mechanisms and useful information toward developing novel diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets for BD, sarcoidosis, and VKH.

Asakage Masaki, Usui Yoshihiko, Nezu Naoya, Shimizu Hiroyuki, Tsubota Kinya, Yamakawa Naoyuki, Takanashi Masakatsu, Kuroda Masahiko, Goto Hiroshi