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In Scientific reports ; h5-index 158.0

Quantitatively determining in vivo achievable drug concentrations in targeted organs of animal models and subsequent target engagement confirmation is a challenge to drug discovery and translation due to lack of bioassay technologies that can discriminate drug binding with different mechanisms. We have developed a multiplexed and high-throughput method to quantify drug distribution in tissues by integrating high content screening (HCS) with U-Net based deep learning (DL) image analysis models. This technology combination allowed direct visualization and quantification of biologics drug binding in targeted tissues with cellular resolution, thus enabling biologists to objectively determine drug binding kinetics.

Li Zhuyin, Xiao Youping, Peng Jia, Locke Darren, Holmes Derek, Li Lei, Hamilton Shannon, Cook Erica, Myer Larnie, Vanderwall Dana, Cloutier Normand, Siddiqui Akbar M, Whitehead Paul, Bishop Richard, Zhao Lei, Cvijic Mary Ellen