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In Cancer radiotherapie : journal de la Societe francaise de radiotherapie oncologique

Health data financed by the French national solidarity system constitute a common heritage. Such data should be exploited to optimize care while complying with ethics and fundamental rights of citizens. The creation of the Health Data Hub (HDH) was allowed by the 24 July 2019 Law on the organization and transformation of the French health system. Its objective is to enable authorized innovative project leaders to access non-nominative data via a state-of-the-art secure technological platform. It appears to be one of the strong points of the French Artificial Intelligence strategy. This structure is a public interest group which associates 56 stakeholders, mostly from the public authorities. It implements, in partnership with the National Health Insurance Fund, the major strategic orientations relating to the National Health Data System set by the French State and the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. The Health Data Hub allows cross-reference of consolidated databases with SNDS data. Several use cases are under construction. The creation of relational databases in radiation oncology is also possible through specific strategies to get pseudonymized data from the various radiotherapy software programs upstream of the Health Data Hub.

Combes S, Bacry E, Fontbonne C


Artificial intelligence, Cancer, Data, Données, Health, Intelligence artificielle, Oncologie radiothérapie, Oncology radiation therapy, Plateforme, Platform, Santé