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In Biotechnology advances

History of metabolism originates with yeast making bread. In fact, study based on "Yeast" was so crucial in the development of the field of biochemistry that the word "enzyme" is derived from the Greek word meaning leavened (yeast). Yeast has always been a point of interest as a eukaryotic model system to demonstrate the metabolites and their function. In recent times their metabolites are widely studied to predict their role in various pathways. Many traditional and analytical techniques have been employed, but its study through metabolomics is of recent interest in research. The present review focuses on details about yeast metabolomics based on preliminary research on various analytical techniques along with computational approaches. The review also aimed to highlight machine learning and various inceptions of yeast metabolomics.

Sailwal Megha, Das Amar Jyoti, Gazara Rajesh K, Dasgupta Diptarka, Bhaskar Thallada, Hazra Saugata, Ghosh Debashish


Analytical tools, Database, Fermentation, Machine learning, Big data, Metabolomics, Yeast