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In Clinical neuropathology

Methylation profiling has become a mainstay in brain tumor diagnostics since the introduction of the first publicly available classification tool by the German Cancer Research Center in 2017. We demonstrate the capability of this system through an example of a rare case of IDH wildtype glioblastoma diagnosed in a patient previously treated for T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Our novel in-house diagnostic tool EpiDiP provided hints arguing against a radiation-induced tumor, identified a novel recurrent genetic aberration, and thus informed about a potential therapeutic target.

Saleh Christian, Jaszczuk Phillip, Hund-Georgiadis Margret, Frank Stephan, Cordier Dominik, Bratic Hench Ivana, Todea Alexandra, Wasilewski Andrea, Wilmes Stefanie, Grigioni Giulia, Hench Juergen