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In Inflammatory bowel diseases ; h5-index 62.0

Automated image analysis methods have shown potential for replicating expert interpretation of histology and endoscopy images, which traditionally require highly specialized and experienced reviewers. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) diagnosis, severity assessment, and treatment decision-making require multimodal expert data interpretation and integration, which could be significantly aided by applications of machine learning analyses. This review introduces fundamental concepts of machine learning for imaging analysis and highlights research and development of automated histology and endoscopy interpretation in IBD. Proof-of-concept studies strongly suggest that histologic and endoscopic images can be interpreted with similar accuracy as knowledge experts. Encouraging results support the potential of automating existing disease activity scoring instruments with high reproducibility, speed, and accessibility, therefore improving the standardization of IBD assessment. Though challenges surrounding ground truth definitions, technical barriers, and the need for extensive multicenter evaluation must be resolved before clinical implementation, automated image analysis is likely to both improve access to standardized IBD assessment and advance the fundamental concepts of how disease is measured.

Syed Sana, Stidham Ryan W


automation, endoscopy, image analysis, inflammatory bowel disease, pathology