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In Cellular and molecular bioengineering

Introduction : The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented health and economic worldwide crisis. Innovative solutions are imperative given limited resources and immediate need for medical supplies, healthcare support and treatments.

Aim : The purpose of this review is to summarize emerging technologies being implemented in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19.

Results : Key focus areas include the applications of artificial intelligence, the use of Big Data and Internet of Things, the importance of mathematical modeling for predictions, utilization of technology for community screening, the use of nanotechnology for treatment and vaccine development, the utility of telemedicine, the implementation of 3D-printing to manage new demands and the potential of robotics.

Conclusion : The review concludes by highlighting the need for collaboration in the scientific community with open sharing of knowledge, tools, and expertise.

Tsikala Vafea Maria, Atalla Eleftheria, Georgakas Joanna, Shehadeh Fadi, Mylona Evangelia K, Kalligeros Markos, Mylonakis Eleftherios


3D-printing, Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Community screening, Drug repurposing, Internet of Things, Mathematical modeling, Monoclonal antibodies, Nanomedicine, Robots, Telemedicine, Vaccines