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In Asia-Pacific journal of ophthalmology (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Big data is the fuel of mankind's fourth industrial revolution. Coupled with new technology such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, the potential of big data is poised to be harnessed to its maximal in years to come. In ophthalmology, given the data-intensive nature of this specialty, big data will similarly play an important role. Electronic medical records, administrative and health insurance databases, mega national biobanks, crowd source data from mobile applications and social media, and international epidemiology consortia are emerging forms of "big data" in ophthalmology. In this review, we discuss the characteristics of big data, its potential applications in ophthalmology, and the challenges in leveraging and using these data. Importantly, in the next phase of work, it will be pertinent to further translate "big data" findings into real-world applications, to improve quality of eye care, and cost-effectiveness and efficiency of health services in ophthalmology.

Cheng Ching-Yu, Soh Zhi Da, Majithia Shivani, Thakur Sahil, Rim Tyler Hyungtaek, Tham Yih Chung, Wong Tien Yin