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In Journal of nursing care quality

BACKGROUND : Early identification of sepsis remains the greatest barrier to compliance with recommended evidence-based bundles.

PURPOSE : The purpose was to improve the early identification and treatment of sepsis by developing an automated screening tool.

METHODS : Six variables associated with sepsis were identified. Logistic regression was used to weigh the variables, and a predictive model was developed to help identify patients at risk. A retrospective review of 10 792 records of hospitalizations was conducted including 339 cases of sepsis to retrieve data for the model.

RESULTS : The final model resulted an area under the curve of 0.857 (95% CI, 0.850-0.863), suggesting that the screening tool may assist in the early identification of patients developing sepsis.

CONCLUSION : By using artificial intelligence capabilities, we were able to screen 100% of our inpatient population and deliver results directly to the caregiver without any manual intervention by nursing staff.

Cooper Penny B, Hughes Bobbi J, Verghese George M, Just J Scott, Markham Amy J