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In Virusdisease

Coronavirus related infectious diseases seems to be biggest challenge of 21 century that have been constantly emerging and threating public health around the globe. Coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) that was detected as cause of respiratory tract infection in China by end the December 2019 impelled World Health Organization to declare in January 2020 public health emergency of international concern and consequently pandemic in March 2020. Over a past six months COVID-19 pandemic has wrapped up all continents except Antarctica. Scientists around the globe are finding way to tackle and reduce the ultimate risk and size of pandemic with lower morbidity and mortality rates. In this context, technologies such as sequencing, Crispr and artificial intelligence are playing vital role in diagnosis and management of infectious disease in contrast to conventional methods. Despite of this, there is a need to have rapid and early diagnostic tools and systems that recognize infectious disease in asymptotic condition. Here we provide an overview on the recent CoV outbreak and contribution of technologies with the emphasis on the future management for detection of such infectious diseases.

Akhter Shireen, Akhtar Shahzeen


Artificial intelligence, COVID-19, CRISPR, Coronavirus, Infectious diseases, Sequencing