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In Cardiology journal

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been hailed as the fourth industrial revolution and its influence on people's lives is increasing. The research on AI applications in medicine is progressing rapidly. This revolution shows promise for more precise diagnoses, streamlined workflows, increased accessibility to healthcare services and new insights into ever-growing population-wide datasets. While some applications have already found their way into contemporary patient care, we are still in the early days of the AI-era in medicine. Despite the popularity of these new technologies, many practitioners lack an understanding of AI methods, their benefits, and pitfalls. This review aims to provide information about the general concepts of machine learning (ML) with special focus on the applications of such techniques in cardiovascular medicine. It also sets out the current trends in research related to medical applications of AI. Along with new possibilities, new threats arise - acknowledging and understanding them is as important as understanding the ML methodology itself. Therefore, attention is also paid to the current opinions and guidelines regarding the validation and safety of AI-powered tools.

Pieszko Konrad, Hiczkiewicz Jarosław, Budzianowski Jan, Musielak Bogdan, Hiczkiewicz Dariusz, Faron Wojciech, Rzeźniczak Janusz, Burchardt Paweł


artificial intelligence, cardiology, machine learning