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In Scientific reports ; h5-index 158.0

New computer vision solutions combined with artificial intelligence algorithms can help recognize patterns in biological images, reducing subjectivity and optimizing the analysis process. The aim of this study was to propose an approach based on interactive and traditional machine learning methods to classify soybean seeds and seedlings according to their appearance and physiological potential. In addition, we correlated the appearance of seeds to their physiological performance. Images of soybean seeds and seedlings were used to develop models using low-cost approaches and free-access software. The models developed showed high performance, with overall accuracy reaching 0.94 for seeds and seedling classification. The high precision of the models that were developed based on interactive and traditional machine learning demonstrated that the method can easily be used to classify soybean seeds according to their appearance, as well as to classify soybean seedling vigor quickly and non-subjectively. The appearance of soybean seeds is strongly correlated with their physiological performance.

de Medeiros André Dantas, Capobiango Nayara Pereira, da Silva José Maria, da Silva Laércio Junio, da Silva Clíssia Barboza, Dos Santos Dias Denise Cunha Fernandes