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In Therapeutische Umschau. Revue therapeutique

New Trends in Breast Imaging Abstract. The examination of the breast, especially as a screening examination for breast cancer, has so far been carried out primarily by means of mammography and occasionally supplementary ultrasound. These check-ups have become established because early diagnosis of breast cancer increases the chances of recovery. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women (approximately every 8th woman is affected). While the MRI examination, which offers a high level of sensitivity and specificity, has so far established itself as a further clarification, new examination methods have emerged in the recent past, which on the one hand make the examination more pleasant for women (e. g. no compression of the mammary gland tissue, as is the case with mammography) and which could potentially be diagnostically equivalent. In particular, this article mentions automatic breast ultrasound (ABUS) and computer tomography of the breast (breast CT). In the future, programs with artificial intelligence could also help confirm the diagnoses or increase accuracy so that no relevant lesion is overlooked.

Boss Andreas, Rohrer Lysiane, Berger Nicole