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In Cardiac failure review

New technologies have been recently introduced to improve the monitoring of patients with chronic syndromes such as heart failure. Devices can now be employed to gather large amounts of data and data processing through artificial intelligence techniques may improve heart failure management and reduce costs. The analysis of large datasets using an artificial intelligence technique is leading to a paradigm shift in the era of precision medicine. However, the assessment of clinical safety and the evaluation of the potential benefits is still a matter of debate. In this article, the authors aim to focus on the development of these new tools and to draw the attention to their transition in daily clinical practice.

D’Amario Domenico, Canonico Francesco, Rodolico Daniele, Borovac Josip A, Vergallo Rocco, Montone Rocco Antonio, Galli Mattia, Migliaro Stefano, Restivo Attilio, Massetti Massimo, Crea Filippo


Artificial intelligence, big data, data analysis, devices, heart failure, patient monitoring, personalised medicine, telemedicine