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In Studies in health technology and informatics ; h5-index 23.0

Key noncommunicable diseases (NCD) such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory disease are responsible for 71% of all deaths worldwide. Many of these deaths are premature and impact low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) the most. The economic realities in LMICs and their greater reliance on development assistance hinder investments in public health to adequately prevent risk factors for NCDs or manage established disease. Public private partnerships (PPP) can deliver smart health solutions to improve the health outcomes of those at risk of NCDs and those who have an illness. These solutions can range from simple digital concepts to complex technology constructs that can utilize artificial intelligence to intervene at many touch points along the patient journey. We present three case studies of smart health deployed through PPP to try improving outcomes.

Subramaniam Kannan


Digital Care, Noncommunicable Diseases, Public Private Partnership, Smart Health