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In Studies in health technology and informatics ; h5-index 23.0

Lately, the application or integration of Artificial Intelligence in various areas of the Healthcare domain has been a prime attraction; this includes diagnostics, medicine/drugs, medical devices, interventions/procedures, imaging, therapies as well as treatment regimes, and these areas are in direct relation with the patient care, which is the core subject of the improvements envisioned through the implementation of AI. Although carrying this practice with a focused objective of improvisation in providing quality care, the overall concept of such implementations misses the governance path which can comply with any available regulatory environment, which unfortunately at this stage does not exist. As these implementations would have a direct impact on patients care, there is an urgent need to institute a robust governance and compliance framework in order to ensure the efficacy, safety, privacy, and ethical considerations. The onus of pioneering this initiative of building a governance framework for the implementation of healthcare artificial intelligence primarily rests with the Food and Drug Authority of the respective country, it is also important for this authority to further organizing the governance framework in agreement or collaboration with other international authorities.

Baig Mansoor Ali, Almuhaizea Mohamad A, Alshehri Jumanah, Bazarbashi Mohammad Shouki, Al-Shagathrh Fahad


Data Science, Ethics, Governance, Healthcare AI