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In Neuroimaging clinics of North America

Radiologists must convert the complex information in head and neck imaging into text reports that can be understood and used by clinicians, patients, and fellow radiologists for patient care, research, and quality initiatives. Common data elements in reporting, through use of defined questions with constrained answers and terminology, allow radiologists to incorporate best practice standards and improve communication of information regardless of individual reporting style. Use of common data elements for head and neck reporting has the potential to improve outcomes, reduce errors, and transition data consumption not only for humans but future machine learning systems.

Rajamohan Anandh G, Patel Vishal, Sheikh-Bahaei Nasim, Liu Chia-Shang J, Go John L, Kim Paul E, Gibbs Wende, Acharya Jay


Artificial intelligence, Common data elements (CDEs), Informatics, Quality improvement, Standardization, Structured reporting, Value in radiology