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In Pharmacogenomics

Neoantigen, as an important member of tumor-specific antigens, has attracted a great deal of attention as a target for immunotherapy. Neoantigens are potential targets for personalized vaccines and adoptive cell transfer therapies. However, most of the neoantigen-targeted immunotherapies in the process are customized and costly. So, we are inclined to find shared neoantigens suitable for more patients. With the help of existing neoantigen prediction algorithms, we found that the most frequent shared neoantigens occurred in more than 1% of patients for 17 tumor types and the ten most frequent shared neoantigens covered approximately 50% of pancreatic cancer patients, providing a potential list of targets for off-the-shelf immunotherapy.

Zhao Wenyi, Wu Jingcheng, Chen Shuqing, Zhou Zhan


adoptive cell transfer, immunotherapy, shared neoantigen, vaccine