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In Diabetes & metabolic syndrome

OBJECTIVE : Science and technology sector constituting of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are contributing towards COVID-19. The aim of the present study is to discuss the various aspects of modern technology used to fight against COVID-19 crisis at different scales, including medical image processing, disease tracking, prediction outcomes, computational biology and medicines.

METHODS : A progressive search of the database related to modern technology towards COVID-19 is made. Further, a brief review is done on the extracted information by assessing the various aspects of modern technologies for tackling COVID-19 pandemic.

RESULTS : We provide a window of thoughts on review of the technology advances used to decrease and smother the substantial impact of the outburst. Though different studies relating to modern technology towards COVID-19 have come up, yet there are still constrained applications and contributions of technology in this fight.

CONCLUSIONS : On-going progress in the modern technology has contributed in improving people's lives and hence there is a solid conviction that validated research plans including artificial intelligence will be of significant advantage in helping people to fight this infection.

Kumar Aishwarya, Gupta Puneet Kumar, Srivastava Ankita


Artificial intelligence, COVID-19, Epidemic, Machine learning