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In Pattern recognition letters

In recent times, we assist to an ever growing diffusion of smart medical sensors and Internet of things devices that are heavily changing the way healthcare is approached worldwide. In this context, a combination of Cloud and IoT architectures is often exploited to make smart healthcare systems capable of supporting near realtime applications when processing and performing Artificial Intelligence on the huge amount of data produced by wearable sensor networks. Anyway, the response time and the availability of cloud based systems, together with security and privacy, still represent critical issues that prevents Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices and architectures from being a reliable and effective solution to the aim. Lately, there is a growing interest towards architectures and approaches that exploit Edge and Fog computing as an answer to compensate the weaknesses of the cloud. In this paper, we propose a short review about the general use of IoT solutions in health care, starting from early health monitoring solutions from wearable sensors up to a discussion about the latest trends in fog/edge computing for smart health.

Greco Luca, Percannella Gennaro, Ritrovato Pierluigi, Tortorella Francesco, Vento Mario


41A05, 41A10, 65D05, 65D17, Atrificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Fog Computing, Healthcare, Internet of Things