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In Academic radiology

There are well-established and emerging screening examinations aimed at identifying malignant and nonmalignant conditions at early, treatable stages. The Radiology Research Alliance's "Role of Imaging in Health Screening" Task Force provides a comprehensive review of specific imaging-based screening examinations. This work reviews and serves as a reference for screening examinations for breast and colon cancer in a healthy population along with screening for lung cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, and the use of whole body magnetic resonance imaging in at-risk individuals. American College of Radiology scoring systems, along with case-based examples, are included to illustrate the different disease entities. The future of screening is discussed, particularly in the context of artificial intelligence.

Ballard David H, Burton Kirsteen R, Lakomkin Nikita, Kim Shannon, Rajiah Prabhakar, Patel Midhir J, Mazaheri Parisa, Whitman Gary J


Breast cancer screening, CT colonography, Imaging screening, Lung cancer screening, Whole body MRI