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In Optics express

In the field of positioning measurement, a combination of complex components, a stringent environment, and time-consuming calibration are the main limitations. To address these issues, this paper presents a deep learning-based positioning methodology, which integrates image processing with nanomanufacturing technology. Non-periodic microstructure with nanoscale resolution is fabricated to provide the surface pattern. The main advantage of the proposed microstructure is its unlimited measurement range. A residual neural network is used for surface pattern recognition to reduce the search area, a survival probability mechanism is proposed to improve the transmission efficiency of the network layers, and template matching and sub-pixel interpolation algorithms are combined for pattern matching. The proposed methodology defines a comprehensive framework for the development of precision positioning measurement, the effectiveness of which was collectively validated by pattern recognition accuracy and positioning measurement performance. The trained network exhibits a recognition accuracy of 97.6%, and the measurement speed is close to real time. Experimental results also demonstrate the advantages and competitiveness of the proposed approach compared to the laser interferometer method.

Zhao Chenyang, Li Yang, Yao Yingxue, Deng Daxiang