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In Molecular biology of the cell ; h5-index 78.0

The spatial structure and physical properties of the cytosol are not well understood. Measurements of the material state of the cytosol are challenging due to its spatial and temporal heterogeneity. Recent development of genetically encoded multimeric nanoparticles (GEMs) has opened up study of the cytosol at the length scales of multiprotein complexes (20-60 nm). We developed an image analysis pipeline for 3D imaging of GEMs in the context of large, multinucleate fungi where there is evidence of functional compartmentalization of the cytosol for both the nuclear division cycle and branching. We applied a neural network to track particles in 3D and then created quantitative visualizations of spatially varying diffusivity. Using this pipeline to analyze spatial diffusivity patterns, we found that there is substantial variability in the properties of the cytosol. We detected zones where GEMs display especially low diffusivity at hyphal tips and near some nuclei, showing that the physical state of the cytosol varies spatially within a single cell. Additionally, we observed significant cell-to-cell variability in the average diffusivity of GEMs. Thus, the physical properties of the cytosol vary substantially in time and space and can be a source of heterogeneity within individual cells and across populations. [Media: see text] [Media: see text] [Media: see text].

McLaughlin Grace A, Langdon Erin M, Crutchley John M, Holt Liam J, Forest M Gregory, Newby Jay M, Gladfelter Amy S