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In Translational psychiatry ; h5-index 60.0

Psychiatric and neurological disorders (PNDs) affect millions worldwide and only a few drugs achieve complete therapeutic success in the treatment of these disorders. Due to the high cost of developing novel drugs, drug repositioning represents a promising alternative method of treatment. In this manuscript, we used a network medicine approach to investigate the molecular characteristics of PNDs and identify novel drug candidates for repositioning. Using IBM Watson for Drug Discovery, a powerful machine learning text-mining application, we built knowledge networks containing connections between PNDs and genes or drugs mentioned in the scientific literature published in the past 50 years. This approach revealed several drugs that target key PND-related genes, which have never been used to treat these disorders to date. We validate our framework by detecting drugs that have been undergoing clinical trial for treating some of the PNDs, but have no published results in their support. Our data provides comprehensive insights into the molecular pathology of PNDs and offers promising drug repositioning candidates for follow-up trials.

Lüscher Dias Thomaz, Schuch Viviane, Beltrão-Braga Patrícia Cristina Baleeiro, Martins-de-Souza Daniel, Brentani Helena Paula, Franco Glória Regina, Nakaya Helder Imoto