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In The journal of medical investigation : JMI

With progress in information and communication technology, medical information has been converted to digital formats and stored and managed using computer systems. The construction, management, and operation of medical information systems and regional medical liaison systems are the main components of the clinical tasks of medical informatics departments. Research using medical information accumulated in these systems is also a task for medical informatics department. Recently, medical real-world data (RWD) accumulated in medical information systems has become a focus not only for primary use but also for secondary uses of medical information. However, there are many problems, such as standardization, collection, cleaning, and analysis of them. The internet of things and artificial intelligence are also being applied in the collection and analysis of RWD and in resolving the above problems. Using these new technologies, progress in medical care and clinical research is about to enter a new era. J. Med. Invest. 67 : 27-29, February, 2020.

Hirose Jun, Wakata Yoshifumi, Tagi Masato, Tamaki Yu


AI, IoT, medical informatics, medical information, real-world data