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In PeerJ

Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins play an essential role in various biological processes in multicellular organisms, and their abnormal regulation can lead to many diseases. For large-scale ECM protein identification, especially through proteomic-based techniques, a theoretical reference database of ECM proteins is required. In this study, based on the experimentally verified ECM datasets and by the integration of protein domain features and a machine learning model, we developed ECMPride, a flexible and scalable tool for predicting ECM proteins. ECMPride achieved excellent performance in predicting ECM proteins, with appropriate balanced accuracy and sensitivity, and the performance of ECMPride was shown to be superior to the previously developed tool. A new theoretical dataset of human ECM components was also established by applying ECMPride to all human entries in the SwissProt database, containing a significant number of putative ECM proteins as well as the abundant biological annotations. This dataset might serve as a valuable reference resource for ECM protein identification.

Liu Binghui, Leng Ling, Sun Xuer, Wang Yunfang, Ma Jie, Zhu Yunping


Extracellular matrix proteins, Prediction tool, Proteomics, Random forest, Under-sampling ensemble method