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In International journal of environmental research and public health ; h5-index 73.0

Subjective well-being is a comprehensive psychological indicator for measuring quality of life. Studies have found that emotional measurement methods and measurement accuracy are important for well-being-related research. Academic emotion is an emotion description in the field of education. The subjective well-being of learners in an online learning environment can be studied by analyzing academic emotions. However, in a large-scale online learning environment, it is extremely challenging to classify learners' academic emotions quickly and accurately for specific comment aspects. This study used literature analysis and data pre-analysis to build a dimensional classification system of academic emotion aspects for students' comments in an online learning environment, as well as to develop an aspect-oriented academic emotion automatic recognition method, including an aspect-oriented convolutional neural network (A-CNN) and an academic emotion classification algorithm based on the long short-term memory with attention mechanism (LSTM-ATT) and the attention mechanism. The experiments showed that this model can provide quick and effective identification. The A-CNN model accuracy on the test set was 89%, and the LSTM-ATT model accuracy on the test set was 71%. This research provides a new method for the measurement of large-scale online academic emotions, as well as support for research related to students' well-being in online learning environments.

Feng Xiang, Wei Yaojia, Pan Xianglin, Qiu Longhui, Ma Yongmei


academic emotion, academic emotion classification algorithm, academic emotion classification method, subjective well-being