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In IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics

Dashboard visualizations are widely used in data-intensive applications such as business intelligence, operation monitoring, and urban planning. However, existing visualization authoring tools are inefficient in the rapid prototyping of dashboards because visualization expertise and user intention need to be integrated. We propose a novel approach to rapid conceptualization that can construct dashboard templates from exemplars to mitigate the burden of designing, implementing, and evaluating dashboard visualizations. The kernel of our approach is a novel deep learning-based model that can identify and locate charts of various categories and extract colors from an input image or sketch. We design and implement a web-based authoring tool for learning, composing, and customizing dashboard visualizations in a cloud computing environment. Examples, user studies, and user feedback from real scenarios in Alibaba Cloud verify the usability and efficiency of the proposed approach.

Ma Ruixian, Mei Honghui, Guan Huihua, Huang Wei, Zhang Fan, Xin Changye, Dai Wenzhuo, Wen Xiao, Chen Wei