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In Autoimmunity reviews ; h5-index 77.0

The past decade has witnessed a significant paradigm shift in the clinical approach to autoimmune diseases, lead primarily by initiatives in precision medicine, precision health and precision public health initiative. An understanding and pragmatic implementation of these approaches require an understanding of the drivers, gaps and limitations of precision medicine. Gaining the trust of the public and patients is paramount but understanding that technologies such as artificial intelligences and machine learning still require context that can only be provided by human input or what is called augmented machine learning. The role of genomics, the microbiome and proteomics, such as autoantibody testing, requires continuing refinement through research and pragmatic approaches to their use in applied precision medicine.

Conrad Karsten, Shoenfeld Yehuda, Fritzler Marvin J


Autoantibodies, Autoimmune diseases, Autoinflammatory diseases, Biomarker, Precision health, Precision medicine