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In Journal of the American College of Radiology : JACR

Radiology is participating in the recent consolidation trend. Larger practices can invest in the infrastructure and teams to help improve the clinical value of the services they deliver. An example of national practice is provided that leverages its scale to promote clinical best practices aimed at reducing variability in the recommendations radiologists make for common imaging findings. This is accomplished by promoting the culture of learning and collaboration. In some initiatives, developing a machine learning tool to facilitate the application of clinical algorithms at the point of dictation facilitates the adoption of the recommendations. Regular feedback on practice and individual performance promotes improvement in performance and personal satisfaction of the clinicians. Cost savings through the reduction of unnecessary imaging studies or invasive procedures as well as improved outcomes through evidence-based follow-up have been achieved. In some cases, reductions in the rupture rate of abdominal aortic aneurysms have been realized through clinical follow-up programs. Embracing a culture of continuous learning through peer learning can lay the foundation for sharing clinical best practices. Having access to the benefits of scale in the form of investment in data, analytics, project management, and machine learning tools can facilitate the process of creating clinical value for our patients.

Bronner Jay, Kottler Nina, Chauvin Dean, Heller Richard E, Zaidi Syed, Huang Aaron, Liang Joyce, Rawal Upma


Clinical, practice, scaled, value