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In Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology

PURPOSE : National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored clinical trial network studies frequently require biopsy specimens for pharmacodynamic and molecular biomarker analyses, including paired pre- and post-treatment samples. The purpose of this meeting of NCI-sponsored investigators was to identify local institutional standard procedures found to ensure quantitative and qualitative specimen adequacy.

METHODS : NCI convened a conference on best biopsy practices, focusing on the clinical research community. Topics discussed were (1) criteria for specimen adequacy in the personalized medicine era, (2) team-based approaches to ensure specimen adequacy and quality control, and (3) risk considerations relevant to academic and community practitioners and their patients.

RESULTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS : Key recommendations from the convened consensus panel included (1) establishment of infrastructure for multidisciplinary biopsy teams with a formalized information capture process, (2) maintenance of standard operating procedures with regular team review, (3) optimization of tissue collection and yield methodology, (4) incorporation of needle aspiration and other newer techniques, and (5) commitment of stakeholders to use of guideline documents to increase awareness of best biopsy practices, with the goal of universally improving tumor biopsy practices.

Levy Elliot B, Fiel Maria I, Hamilton Stanley R, Kleiner David E, McCall Shannon J, Schirmacher Peter, Travis William, Kuo Michael D, Suh Robert D, Tam Alda L, Islam Shaheen U, Ferry-Galow Katherine, Enos Rebecca A, Doroshow James H, Makhlouf Hala R