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Virtual reality is becoming more and more improved primarily due to numerous applications and the powers of mobile devices. Using various sensors, precise displays and high computing powers smartphone are becoming devices that make the boost in technology. Now it is necessary to efficiently use various sensors without affecting system operation and improve control abilities for various purposes. Especially in practical applications received by mass users such as games and any kind of experience. In this article, we propose a system that allows to extend the perception of the virtual world by conveying information about the user's movements in reality into the supervised model. The system retrieves data from several sources, quickly analyzes them using artificial intelligence techniques, and returns information to the mobile phone about the activity that is being processed. The concept extends the understanding of today's virtual reality by allowing the user to move and perform simple gestures in a specially designed room. Moreover, we propose multiplayer mode in virtual reality, where players are in different places. The proposed architecture of the system has been tested on simple applications, and the results show high potential for implementations in various apps by achieving almost 90% efficiency in changing player direction in real time and only 7.5% of collision cases.

Połap Dawid, Kęsik Karolina, Winnicka Alicja, Woźniak Marcin


Convolutional neural network, Image processing, Mobile games, Player behavior, Virtual reality